Who were you before you were told you were someone else?

Here, I help individuals and institutions identify who they could be without inequity.



This is what I believe in. 


If we can't speak the truth about ourselves and other people - then why are we here? It may be heard to hear, but this is a space where we'll say it anyway. Radical honesty, as I define it, are the truths about power and identity that we confront in the name of progress and transformation. We can't dismantle our implicit, explicit biases or systems of oppression by being quiet. We have to say what what needs to be said - to ourselves and to other people.


You can't grow and be comfortable at the same time; you gotta choose one. With growth comes confronting what we don't know, learning from our mistakes, and recognizing our weaknesses. With growth comes sitting with the discomfort that comes with becoming better people.


You don't have to be perfect, but you do have to be willing to try again. Perfectionism is about doing it so right the first time that you never have to do it again. When we commit to embracing the process of trying again and preemptively recognize our imperfection- we put ourselves on a path to develop our understanding of power, people, and bias. This work is heavy enough - we don't have to carry perfectionism with it too.


Either/or thinking lets us simplify conflict so that we can avoid it. It limits our thinking and puts everything one of two boxes. When we liberate ourselves of either/or mentalities, we make it easier to understand the complexities around race, gender, and power. Not everything is a this or a that - let's find the spectrum so we can better understand it.

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My Services:

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as seen in: 

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My consulting style is filtered through a lens of anti-oppression which means it is work that challenges systems, beliefs, and behaviors that take power, agency, and autonomy away from marginalized people. I help individuals and institutions identify their pain points and opportunities for development so they build sustainable, values driven cultures and practices that tear down systems which harm Black and brown folks, LGBTQ communities, and more. 

In my consulting work, I audit:

  • Product and services

  • PR and communications

and create development plans with you so together we work towards equity.

"But I have a PR emergency, McKensie!" 

Looking for crisis management? Said a little too much about race? Spoke a little too quickly about women's rights? Email me quickly at for pricing and availability. 


  • 10 hours for $195 per hour

  • 15 hours for $175 per hour

  • 25 hours for $150 per hour

What To Expect:

  1. 60-90-minute Intake Interview and Needs Assessment

  2. Audit Report and Recommendations

  3. Implementation Plan

  4. 2-Hour Staff Intensive

What People Have Said:

I’ve been following McKensie Mack and their anti oppression work for about a year now. There are a lot of people doing impartial and important work in this area but the way that McKensie approaches the work and talks about it is unique. McKensie has a gift which is the ability for impressive and deep analysis of oppressive systems combined with the ability to articulate how to dismantle them. On top of all that they have the most wonderful sense of humor that somehow makes the material more accessible.  - Julie Gardner, Clinical Trials Analyst


It's not bootcamp, but it is hard work.

Looking for coaching to help you reframe your thinking/coaching strategy/leadership style around equity and inclusivity? Here are just a few examples of the kind of coaching I do:

  • Leadership Development

  • Executive Leadership Development

  • Let's Talk About Race: Communication Strategy for Bloggers

  • Let's Talk About White Privilege: Communication Strategy for Coaches

This is how my clients describe my coaching style:

"firm, but caring,"

"they were my accountability partner and came to me with so much empathy,"

"they listened to me and gave me firm, clear recommendations for how to move forward." 

"we spoke in-depth about power, culture, and communication strategy, and McKensie just has a way of holding space that never made me feel neither judged nor coddled. They have so much wisdom."

Packages include:

Each of our calls will be about 60-90 minutes long and include support by email and direct messenger (if needed) during the course of the package.  

  • 1 year/unlimited calls: $5,000, includes 1 day coaching session in-person or via Skype (also available in payment installments).

  • 25 hours $3750

  • 15 hours $2625

  • 10 hours $1950

  • Hourly rate: $200

Each coaching package includes:

  • Resources to both identify and work towards solutions

  • Feedback and real-time advice for learning how to lead difficult conversations about race, gender, and oppression

  • Tips for communication on the internet and in real life (including a specific PR focus for executive leaders, individuals with large followings)

  • Monthly equity letter defining key takeaways and milestones from our sessions along the path to pursuing iteration over perfection

I’m your ideal coach if:

  1. You’re looking to work with someone with extensive knowledge of racial equity, gender equity, communications strategy, and LGBTQ community/human rights.

  2. You find yourself drawn to my four core beliefs which define my work.

  3. You’re open to learning how to sit with the discomfort that comes with necessary conversations about anti-oppression, gender, race, and inequity.


What People Have Said

I reached out to McKensie when I was stunted about how to respond to covert harmful racism on my Instagram page. They were quick, professional and kind. Our session was seeded with their deep knowledge of intersectional feminism and skillful language around dismantling deep coded white supremacy. Their natural gifts as a teacher guided the call. They were funny - which serves her as a sleek and productive tool in navigating these hard talks- and forgiving where they don't have to be. McKensie is witty, warm, brilliant and compassionate. I’d send everyone I could to McKensie with these embarrassing but necessary white questions like mine. They'll kindly and firmly show you the way to dismantling your own racism and in turn the collective racism we must extinguish to end patriarchy. Sarah D. 

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In Person Workshops 

Themes: Anti-oppression workshops focused on gender and race

Lengths: half day (4 hours), full day (6 hours)

“What’s the practical application of anti-oppression in your work + life?”

Filtered through a lens of anti-oppression, we will understand and begin to challenge systems of thought that aim to take power, agency, and autonomy from the most marginalized among us. We will focus on helping participants identify who they could be without the legacy of inequity.

The workshop will include:

  • Pop culture references and educational resources that help participants to understand dynamics of power at the individual, interpersonal, and institutional (systems) level

  • Collaborative, group work that empowers participants to engage in conversations defined by community agreements which account for lived experiences, identity, and social location

  • Complex concepts and topics broken down to be accessible and comprehensive


  • Post workshop, free consulting hour with client to debrief and share recommendations and next steps based upon the client’s needs.


  • Half day: $3600 (18 participants max.) + $125 per person

  • Full day: $5000 (18 participants max.) + $125 per person

What To Expect:

  • 60-90-minute intake interview

  • Inclusive Materials for workshop

  • 60-minute post-workshop debrief call

  • One-hour free consulting call

What People Have Said:

I wish that I had a workshop like that during my diversity class in pre-teaching courses. It made me realize how much more work I have to do.”  Workshop Participant, Museum of Modern Art, 2018

McKensie is an incredible speaker. They make difficult subject matter approachable, and they're funny as hell!” Workshop Participant, Museum of Modern Art, 2018

The session was excellent!! Bunny is a great presenter who tackled complex, uncomfortable themes in a considered and graceful manner. I was longer, as it had the potential to be a robust conversation.” - Workshop Participant, Museum of Modern Art 2018

"McKensie's workshop at the Allied Media Conferene felt like an anecdote. It was a perfect mixture of entertainment, medicine, and inspiration. I came to AMC to be moved and this session moved me the most. So, thank u." - Allied Media Conference Participant, Wayne State University




(Anti)Toxic Copy ™

Copy + Copy Consulting through an anti-oppressive lens.

Pricing/Investment: varies by project

What To Expect:

  1. 30-minute discovery call

  2. Proposal with outlined deliverables

  3. 60-90minute intake interview

  4. 3 collaborative copy revisions (max)

  5. Final draft approval

  6. Closing 60-minute consulting hour (once the project is completed)

Looking for more?


What People Have Said:

I've had a number of less-than-stellar experiences hiring copywriters in the past... ok, let's be honest, they were HUGE disappointments - a waste of both time and money. I've been needing to update my copy for AGES, but thanks to those previous experiences, I'd been avoiding dealing with it. Finally I reached a point where it HAD to happen... luckily, I'd been introduced to McKensie by then. I'd followed their work for a bit, and they came highly recommended by a trusted mentor, so I decided to...hire them. It turned out to be an AMAZING experience. McKensie was so much fun to work with, and they absolutely nailed my "voice" in a way nobody else ever has. As a bonus, they asked insightful questions that helped me better clarify and understand both my message, and the value of my work. I'd recommend them in a heartbeat! - Heidi Hauck,


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Showbinars ™

What's a  Showbinar™?

A showbinar is a part-show/part-webinar which uses pop culture and satire to explain complex concepts around social justice. It's a how-to guide in webinar form for professionals, coaches, and creatives who are looking for the practical application of these concepts in their everyday lives. In order to get where we want to go, to become who we wish to be - we have to ask ourselves who we could be without the legacy of inequity.

Pricing/Investment: varies by showbinar

What To Expect:

  1. Welcome email

  2. Recap email with resources and an invitation to join newsletter

What People Have Said:



Let's work together. You can schedule a 30 minute call on my calendly here or email me at

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