Welcome to Radical Copy, the copywriting and copyediting consultancy for business owners looking to make an equitable impact in the world.

Hi, I'm McKensie (Bunny) Mack. I'm a copy writer and copy auditor who has worked with some of the largest nonprofit organizations on developing compelling, effective, and anti-oppressive messaging that gets the job done without causing more harm to marginalized communities.

I call my copywriting consultancy, Radical Copy. Radical Copy is what happens when you get real honest about the power you hold in the world and what you're willing to do with it to build resilient, equitable, and inclusive community among your followers, clients, and peers. All of us hold implicit and explicit biases about ourselves and other people. When you're building products, designing courses, or writing speeches- you want your message to be as inclusive and equitable as possible. The future is intersectionality. Let's get your copy to time travel, shall we?  

I work with coaches, consultants, and facilitators in the belief work industry to make their copy more compelling, meaningful, and socially conscious.

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Why does it matter?

We write from our perspectives and experiences, but what happens when our way of thinking is altered by my common stereotypes about race, gender, economy - justice? It lives in our writing and it alienates people who matter. That's where I come in. 

Don't you think It's time you looked at your copy through a lens of equity? You don't have to do it alone. You have help.

Hire me to:

develop conscious messaging and copy strategy for your small business through a lens of equity, inclusion, and anti-oppression. Let's weed out those implicit biases, shall we?

write compelling copy that not only sells but that is also founded in principles of equity, inclusion, and anti-assholery.

In the past I've worked with coaches, consultants, and organizations to create messaging for ad funnels, upcoming online courses, websites, and mission and values statements. 

Looking for some quick advice? Buy my Quick Equity Audit and get fast recommendations on how you can make your copy more inclusive. For just $25, you'll get a 15 minute phone call with me that includes a laser-sharp review through any deliverable of your choosing. Let's find those gaps so that we can fill them. 


Pricing/Investment: varies by project

  1. 15-minute consultation call ($25)

  2. Proposal with outlined deliverables

  3. 60-90minute intake interview

  4. 3 collaborative copy revisions (max)

  5. Final draft approval

  6. Closing 60-minute consulting hour (once the project is completed)

Looking for more?

What moved you to start Radical Copy?

I started my copywriting consultancy two years ago when I realized that several people in my community of women, femmes, and queer people of color needed help when it came to bringing their professional experiences to life on digital paper. Many of them wrote about themselves in a way that underestimated the infinite value of their labor. From there, I began thinking about the ways that we're impacted by all the wrong things we're taught about power, gender, and race throughout and how these stereotypes become implicit biases that seep into our written work. What if you hired an expert to audit your values, your mission statement, your sales pages for implicit bias? How would that contribute to building a diverse, sustainable community around the culture of your organization and your business? 

I've heard you talk about Toxic Copy before. What’s that?

Toxic Copy is a term I coined to describe business focused and/or not for profit community focused copy on the internet that by it's existence excludes Black and brown folks, queer folks, trans folks, women, gender non-binary folks etc., from the conversation. For example, if you were to write "all men and women can understand the need for a hiring a coach to work them through the first steps of starting a business," you've written an exclusive invitation to do business only with people who identify as male or female, completely excluding gender non-conforming people from the conversation. And why? Why exclude when you can create diverse, inclusive, and autonomous communities of audiences who although very different in experiences, identities, passions- share one thing in common - their investment in you and your work.

I don’t want to look a mess out here like the the Pepsi can fiasco or that 2018 United apology. What do I do next?

Let's craft a mission statement together that doesn't perpetuate harmful stereotypes about Black and brown people and LGBTQ communities. Let's scan a series of e-books for exclusive language and implicit bias so that we're using our power to build up community instead of tearing it down. Ready to get started? Fill out my client intake form below. 

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