How is this course different from other courses I see about self-care?

You have my personal guarantee that I won’t ever tell you the answer to holding to your boundaries in difficult situations is taking a bubble bath. There’s nothing wrong with bubble baths; I love a good bath bomb myself - but the point it there is a time and place to relax our hearts and minds in the brave spaces we call home, and there is a time and place to communicate what we will and will not accept. This course is focused on how we build up our own resource kit so that we can have the time and the energy not only to take our bath, but to also set our boundaries most effectively.

Self-care courses also tend to focus solely on white women with resources - even then there is a tendency to ignore the impact that male dominated industries, societies and cultures have on the ways we perceive and act on our own power. The fact is that all of us struggle with boundaries. This course is for all people who want to develop their skill set for boundary setting through a lens of power, personal autonomy, and justice. This course is for all looking to break the cycle of not showing up for the person who matters most in their lives - themselves.

What’s your teaching style like?

My style of presenting is unlike what you’re used to - I use satire, pop culture, and context driven examples that we experience every day to work with people on becoming more aware of their own position in systems of oppression. Humor is a form of coping. It creates a dissonance that permits people to process and access knowledge without over analyzing their immediate responses to what they’re learning for the first time or repeatedly experiencing.  Humor creates a space where people can more comfortably process the everyday forms of oppression that they experience. Why is that important?

Because we all access information in various ways. Sometimes the weight of social justice education can make it difficult for people of various capacities, backgrounds, and experiences to access critical knowledge about anti-racism, worthiness, anti-sexism, and more.

I’m here to create my own lane; using satire to raise awareness - a style of sharing information which is usually dominated by cis, het, white men. 

Is this for me?

Maybe you’re thinking:

“I’m just not the kind of person who will ever set firm boundaries. I wasn’t born with that skill.”

“I feel overwhelmed at the thought of speaking up for myself. I think that means there is something wrong with how I do it.”

“I’ve tried to set boundaries before and it hasn’t worked out. I just end up feeling embarrassed.”

You’re human. Each and every one of us, including all the people you look up to as being resilient, vocal, and firm in communicating what they will and will not accept - have a boundary journey. Make this course your start. Build up your boundary culture and maintain the work you’ve already done to get to where you are. The fact is that as mentors, coaches, belief workers, parents - we want to have the best possible impact on our world and in the lives of those around us - but we cannot do for anyone else what we will not for ourselves. The story starts here - with you. Are you ready to write it?