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Every White Woman in the History of The Universe #EWWHU

Webinar Replay

EWWHU was recorded live on Thursday, August 26th. For all participants who purchase the webinar recording - you will be invited to join the private EWWHU Facebook group - a collaborative, harm-reductive learning space for all EWWHU participants.

On November 26, 2016 - just days after the presidential election - I held a special webinar for all about the ways we disrupt white women’s complicity in white supremacy. This interactive social justice intensive welcomed over 100 participants nearly 3 years ago.

Now, nearly 3 years later I’m bringing it back. Every White Woman in the History of The Universe. In person. In August. In Portland. (And now - also online!)

In this four hour workshop, we’ll:

  • analyze how we ground our anti-racism work in foundational, intersectional frameworks

  • develop strategies to combat and dismantle white women’s colonization in Black and brown spaces and communities

  • lead difficult conversations about race, gender, and liberation with Nancy Pelosi, Marianne Williamson, and Kirtsen Gillibrand style white women

  • identify how white supremacy culture can manifest itself in our social justice work and develop strategies to disrupt it

  • center accountability and Boundary Work in our interactions with passively and actively racist family members and colleagues

This workshop is for you if:

You’re looking for a brave and welcoming space to reflect on what you’ve learned about race, anti-racism, and white women over the past 3 years.

You want to better understand how to support Black and brown people when dealing with difficult conversations about race and white women’s complicity in passively and actively racist policies, frameworks, and ideologies.

You understand what it’s like to be overwhelmed by the forms of oppression we see every day on Facebook, the news, Twitter, etc., - but you don’t want that to stop you from continuing to stand in times of injustice.

are looking to learn how/continue to improve the ways you dismantle whiteness politically and interpersonally.

Note: Cis and trans women and non-binary folks assigned girl at birth will be centered in this space. This is just for you.

About me


My name is Bunny McKensie Mack (they/them). I’m an anti-oppression consultant, coach, and facilitator leveraging the reach of satire and pop culture analysis to help clients build brave, equitable communities and interpersonal relationships. As the former Executive Director of Art + Feminism, I led a global team of organizers working to correct skewed and biased content about marginalized communities on the internet.  

I hold two linguistics degrees from the University of Chicago and I’m currently pursuing a double Masters  degree in Anthropology and Sociology from Witwatersrand University in Johannesburg.

For over 5 years, I’ve consulted with some of the largest for profit and non-profit organizations to develop cultures of accountability that dismantle racism and gender inequity at the individual, interpersonal, and institutional level. My work has been featured in NowThis News, Refinery29, The Guardian, Artsy, Afropunk, The New York Times, Pop Sugar, It Gets Better, Artsy, ArtNews, Wear Your Voice, Bubblegum Club, and  El País.

Pronouns: They/Them/Their

About this workshop

I don’t believe in teaching or learning from a place of perfectionism and shame. #EWWHU is a space for difficult conversation, reflection, and laughter because let’s face it - we’ve had a rough few years and we need that too. This space is a brave space where all participants will have the opportunity to share their lived experiences in a spirit of community care and liberation. Capacity is limited to 50 participants so reserve your spot now before the seats are gone!

About my teaching style

My facilitation style is unlike anything that you’re used to - I use satire, pop culture, and real-life examples to lead build brave spaces for hard conversation and serious growth. Humor is a form of coping. It creates a dissonance that permits people to process and access knowledge without over analyzing their immediate responses to what they’re learning for the first time or repeatedly experiencing.  Humor creates a space where people can more comfortably process the everyday forms of oppression that they experience. Why is that important?Because we access information in various ways.

Sometimes the weight of social justice education can make it difficult for people of various capacities, backgrounds, and experiences to access critical knowledge about what it means to be liberated and to seek out the liberation of the many.

I’m creating my own lane; using satire to raise awareness and to provide spaces for deeper analysis.


Every White Woman in The History of The Universe [The Webinar Replay]

Duration: 4 Hours

What you get: The full workshop recording and an invitation to join the EWWHU Facebook group (open for a limited time).

Cost: $125


Upon registration, all participants are signed up for my newsletter - feel free to opt-out at anytime. #boundaries

Interested in attending, but don’t have the funds? Scholarships are available for persons representing marginalized communities. Email me at for more.

Any and all harassing behaviors and/or language in text will result in removal of the participant - online or in person, without refund. #EWWHUisnothereforthefoolery