This is what I believe in. 


If we can't speak the truth about ourselves and other people - then why are we here? It may be heard to hear, but this is a space where we'll say it anyway. Radical honesty, as I define it, are the truths about power and identity that we confront in the name of progress and transformation. We can't dismantle our implicit, explicit biases or systems of oppression by being quiet. We have to say what what needs to be said - to ourselves and to other people.


You can't grow and be comfortable at the same time; you gotta choose one. With growth comes confronting what we don't know, learning from our mistakes, and recognizing our weaknesses. With growth comes sitting with the discomfort that comes with becoming better people.


You don't have to be perfect, but you do have to be willing to try again. Perfectionism is about doing it so right the first time that you never have to do it again. When we commit to embracing the process of trying again and preemptively recognize our imperfection- we put ourselves on a path to develop our understanding of power, people, and bias. This work is heavy enough - we don't have to carry perfectionism with it too.


Either/or thinking lets us simplify conflict so that we can avoid it. It limits our thinking and puts everything one of two boxes. When we liberate ourselves of either/or mentalities, we make it easier to understand the complexities around race, gender, and power. Not everything is a this or a that - let's find the spectrum so we can better understand it.