My consulting style is filtered through a lens of anti-oppression which means it is work that challenges systems, beliefs, and behaviors that take power, agency, and autonomy away from marginalized people. I help individuals and institutions identify their pain points and opportunities for development so they build sustainable, values driven cultures and practices that tear down systems which harm Black and brown folks, LGBTQ communities, and more. 

In my consulting work, I audit:

  • Product and services

  • PR and communications

and create development plans with you so together we work towards equity.

"But I have a PR emergency, McKensie!" 

Looking for crisis management? Said a little too much about race? Spoke a little too quickly about women's rights? Email me quickly at for pricing and availability. 


  • 10 hours for $195 per hour

  • 15 hours for $175 per hour

  • 25 hours for $150 per hour

What To Expect:

  1. 60-90-minute Intake Interview and Needs Assessment

  2. Audit Report and Recommendations

  3. Implementation Plan

  4. 2-Hour Staff Intensive

What People Have Said:

I’ve been following McKensie Mack and their anti oppression work for about a year now. There are a lot of people doing impartial and important work in this area but the way that McKensie approaches the work and talks about it is unique. McKensie has a gift which is the ability for impressive and deep analysis of oppressive systems combined with the ability to articulate how to dismantle them. On top of all that they have the most wonderful sense of humor that somehow makes the material more accessible.  - Julie Gardner, Clinical Trials Analyst