Boundary Work: The Webinar

Saturday, April 20, 2019// 12pm -1pm EST

Because we are all deserving of boundaries.

Did you know that you deserve to acknowledge, set, and hold to your boundaries without shame or apology? In our lives, it can be way too easy to see that everyone else is taken care of while ignoring our own needs. And I’m not just talking about being a woman in the world, being queer, being trans, being a caregiver - or even knowing what it’s like to grow up without having a lot materially. I’m talking about all of the intersections of who we are and what we believe in. I’m talking about how we’re taught early on to downplay our emotional, mental, and physical boundaries.

how we’re taught early on to see conflict as a sign of weakness.

how we’re taught early on to see outspokenness as a symbol of selfishnesses and insecurity.

We’re taught a lot about drawing our own lines and speaking up for our own right to be valued that is downright:

inaccurate, false, misleading, sophistical, imaginary, invalid, misrepresenting, and fraudulent, and all the other words that you find in the thesaurus under the word “falsity”.

But the thing about a lie is that in order to shine light on the truth - we gotta find our courage - the courage it takes to recognize that what we want and need matters.


Drawing boundaries is the process of acting on our courage to be acknowledged and cared for.

Boundaries help us build and maintain relationships that are important for helping us unlearn harmful patterns of thinking and mythologies around unworthy (read: not good for us or other people) power dynamics.

Without them, we won’t have the pillars we need to stand up for ourselves and others when we encounter what doesn’t make us feel brave, protected, integral, kind.

Boundary Work: The Webinar is about getting you the right resources to begin wherever it is that you are.

On April 20, 2019 the Boundary Work Masterclass ($49) begins. Let’s talk about boundaries - how we set them, how we perceive them, how we honor them in our everyday lives...

Register now! And keep reading to learn more below.

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Boundary Work is a necessary part of sustaining long-term relationships, both personal and professional.We all need boundaries. They help us hold our space and protect our integrity. Healthy boundary work is to the integrity of your personal values and principles as flour is to cookies. The two are inseparable.Let’s say no to  cookie soup together in a spirit of care, growth, and personal autonomy.  Boundaries help us build and maintain relationships that are important for encouraging us to unlearn harmful patterns of thinking and mythologies around power, care, and justice.


Our current political climate in America is a reminder of how easily stigmatized we become when we’re treated as if our experiences are fake news. Social pressure to be quiet, perfect, and non-disruptive chips away at our perception of our right to be treated with respect.  The fact is there are far more resources that teach us how to be non-confrontational than there are resources that teach us how to be productively confrontational about managing conflict and holding to our boundaries. I’m here to change that. We’re saying ‘no’ to be spoken over. We’re saying ‘no’ to dusty uncles’ fat jokes at the mall.


This webinar is for people looking to broach difficult conversations at the dinner table. It’s also for people looking for resources for setting and holding to boundaries while having difficult conversations at work, and for coaches, healers, and consultants looking to lead difficult conversations in organizations and on the internet - while doing their own boundary work.


Hell, no. My style of presenting is unlike what you’re used to - I use satire, pop culture, and context driven examples that we experience every day to work with people on becoming more aware of their own position in systems of oppression. Humor is a form of coping. It creates a dissonance that permits people to process and access knowledge without over analyzing their immediate responses to what they’re learning for the first time or repeatedly experiencing.  Humor creates a space where people can more comfortably process the everyday forms of oppression that they experience. Why is that important?

Because we all access information in various ways. Sometimes the weight of social justice education can make it difficult for people of various capacities, backgrounds, and experiences to access critical knowledge about anti-racism, worthiness, anti-sexism, and more.

I’m here to create my own lane; using satire to raise awareness - a style of sharing information which is usually dominated by cis, het, white men.

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What You’ll Learn

How to DEFINE WHAT IT MEANS TO be assertive FOR YOU:

  • when you encounter macroaggressions at work

  • when using your voice and your actions to set boundaries with family

  • when your boundaries are crossed by strangers


  • creates progress for current and future generations

  • helps us triumph over systems of patriarchy and racism that make us feel small

  • helps us prioritize our physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing

Why EVERY DAY IS A perfect time FOR:

  • practicing proactive and protective confrontation

  • starting a boundary reset with our families, friends, and colleagues

  • learning how to acknowledge and set our boundaries in a self-affirming way


About ME

My name is Bunny McKensie Mack (pronouns: they/them). I’m an anti-oppression consultant, coach, copywriter, and  visual artist, leveraging the reach of pop culture and satire to envision a world without white supremacy and genderphobia. As the Director of Art + Feminism, I lead a global team of organizers working to correct skewed and biased content about marginalized communities on the internet.  

I graduated from the University of Chicago with two communications degrees in Francophone language and literature and Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian Language and Literature. I’m currently pursuing a double Masters  degree in Anthropology and Sociology from Witwatersrand University in Johannesburg, South Africa and have been an interpreter and translator for over 10 years.

Originally from the Southside of Chicago, but currently based in Johannesburg, South Africa, I consult with for profit and non-profit organizations to develop cultures of accountability that dismantle racism and patriarchy. at the individual, interpersonal, and institutional level. My work has been featured in NowThis News, Refinery29, The Guardian, Artsy, Afropunk, The New York Times, Pop Sugar, It Gets Better, Artsy, ArtNews, Wear Your Voice, Bubblegum Club, and  El País.   

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“Thank you for your compassion, deep wisdom, and & humor you brought to [this] presentation. You’re amazing.” - Christa

“I have found this to be so useful to looking at how I set boundaries. I can feel a deep shift almost on a subconscious level on this. I have noticed subtle shifts in a few conversations with friends that left me feeling I have more room to breathe.” - Jen 

“I cannot thank you enough for sharing such incredible tools that have had such an immediate impact on me. This is helping me strengthen my new foundation. It is helping me uncover who I truly am.” - Lauren


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