Boundary Work™ Coaching

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A boundary is where we begin and others and others end.

A boundary is the limit to our physical mental and emotional capacity.

A boundary is the expectations we set on interacting with others so that we can build and maintain our own personal care, explore our identities, and get after our liberation.

Sometimes, we don’t set boundaries - not because we don’t need them, but because we’ve been socialized to see prioritizing our own care as weakness or as selfishness.

Sometimes, we don’t hold to our boundaries because we’ve been taught to define boundaries as what we do to make other people feel comfortable. 

We’ve been taught to define boundaries as something we set while prioritizing the convenience of other people.

We’ve been taught to define boundaries as something only a select few deserve.

But here’s the thing: we are all worthy of boundaries.

We are all worthy of care. We are all worthy of ending the sentence: no with a period. Articulating our needs is one of many tools in our special aid kit. It helps us check-in with ourselves and what we need. It helps us to develop our own strategies for communicating when a situation, a place, or a person isn’t honoring the lines we’ve drawn.

And it matters, because you matter.

Boundary Work Coaching™ are sessions especially designed to supplement the work you are already doing in acknowledging, defining, and holding to your own boundaries. It is peer-based work developed to help you continue your Boundary Work through lens of intersectional justice, equity, and anti-oppression. Think of it as your very own accountability partner.

My ideal coaching clients:

  • are looking to prioritize their care over the comfort and convenience of family, friends, colleagues, and strangers.

  • understand that boundary work is for them. Our boundaries do not exist to make the lives of other people more convenient.

  • are setting goals around confronting and naming gaslighting behavior when they experience it.

  • are looking for an intersectional perspective on boundaries that does not center the work on how nice we are towards the people with the most power and the privilege in the room.

  • want to learn how to stop carrying bags that belong to other people - so that they have more time, space, and, energy to carry their own.

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“I have found this to be so useful to looking at how I set boundaries. I can feel a deep shift almost on a subconscious level on this. I have noticed subtle shifts in a few conversations with friends that left me feeling I have more room to breathe.” - Jen

“I have done Boundary Work courses with McKensie Mack and let me tell you… this work is ESSENTIAL. For my growth, for my mom’s growth, and for queer people to set and establish boundaries for our emotional being so we can thrive…Thank you, Bunny.” - Nina   

“I cannot thank you enough for sharing such incredible tools that have had such an immediate impact on me. This is helping me strengthen my new foundation. It is helping me uncover who I truly am.” - Lauren

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8 Sessions/$1200

12 Sessions $1500

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