Gain lessons from an established boundary worker

My name is Bunny McKensie Mack. I’m an anti-oppression consultant, coach, copywriter, and visual artist leveraging the reach of pop culture and satire to envision a world without white supremacy and genderphobia. As the Director of Art + Feminism, I lead a global team of organizers working to correct skewed and biased content about marginalized communities on the internet.  

I graduated from the University of Chicago with two communications degrees in Francophone language and literature and Hispanic Luso-Brazilian Language and Literature. I’m currently pursuing a double Masters degree in Anthropology and Sociology from Witwatersrand University in Johannesburg, South Africa. I’ve also been an interpreter and translator for over 10 years; so I’m no stranger to drawing lines and setting expectations so that my boundaries are honored - like they deserve to be.

Originally from the Southside of Chicago, but currently based in Johannesburg, South Africa, I consult with for profit and non-profit organizations to develop cultures of accountability that dismantle racism and patriarchy at the individual, interpersonal, and institutional level. My work has been featured in NowThis News, Refinery29, The Guardian, Artsy, Afropunk, The New York Times, Pop Sugar, It Gets Better, Artsy, ArtNews, Wear Your Voice, Bubblegum Club, and  El País.  

Access practical, context driven examples to help you learn how

We develop our boundary culture at a very early age. How old were you when your parents sat you down to have the boundaries talk? For many of us, that talk never happened, but that doesn’t mean we didn’t develop our own set of core beliefs around what it meant or did not mean to set effective boundaries. For many of us in this world who deal with various forms of unfairness and injustice every day - the idea of prioritizing our own limitations - at first glance could feel nearly impossible. But let me tell you this -  it isn’t impossible. That’s where unlearning comes in. We can’t do this work without seeing it modeled. So, join me for this course and gain access to real-life examples from my experiences with learning how to set boundaries, setting them effectively, and holding to them.