(Anti)Toxic Copy ™

Copy + Copy Consulting through an anti-oppressive lens.

Pricing/Investment: varies by project

What To Expect:

  1. 30-minute discovery call

  2. Proposal with outlined deliverables

  3. 60-90minute intake interview

  4. 3 collaborative copy revisions (max)

  5. Final draft approval

  6. Closing 60-minute consulting hour (once the project is completed)

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What People Have Said:

I've had a number of less-than-stellar experiences hiring copywriters in the past... ok, let's be honest, they were HUGE disappointments - a waste of both time and money. I've been needing to update my copy for AGES, but thanks to those previous experiences, I'd been avoiding dealing with it. Finally I reached a point where it HAD to happen... luckily, I'd been introduced to McKensie by then. I'd followed their work for a bit, and they came highly recommended by a trusted mentor, so I decided to...hire them. It turned out to be an AMAZING experience. McKensie was so much fun to work with, and they absolutely nailed my "voice" in a way nobody else ever has. As a bonus, they asked insightful questions that helped me better clarify and understand both my message, and the value of my work. I'd recommend them in a heartbeat! - Heidi Hauck, Heidihauck.com