My name is McKensie Mack (You can also call me Bunny).

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My clients call my work bold, sharp, transformative, and life-changing.

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I'm an anti-oppression consultant, coach, and visual artist using the power of pop culture + satire to envision a future without white supremacy and genderphobia.

Oprah's 'ugly cry' changed my life forever.

I used to watch her on the TV as a kid all the time and think, 'wow people really got problems." Seeing folks dialogue about the ways they struggled - as Black and brown people, single moms, women working to make a way for themselves in male dominated industries, queer people being excluded by neighbors who refused to believe they were worthy of acceptance - made me wonder: "How is it all connected?" As a kid, I searched for that connection in books and in my own writing. And then I searched for that connection in communication. I became a Linguistics major in college and worked my bum off to earn two degrees from the University of Chicago. Then, I traveled and I decided that when I grew up, like really 'paying the water bill' grew up, I'd be the person who helped other people find each other in a sea of verbs and nouns and adjectives and failed intentions harmfully prioritized over impact.

Now, I get to do way more than that.

We're only as connected as we are liberated from systems of thought and rules of behavior that confine us and keep us small. I'm here to uncover those rules of social engagement and challenge the hell out of them and out of you.  I lead bold and colorful trainings about racism and gender for organizations looking to dismantle the same bias and prejudice that keep orgs from being places brave people actually want to work at. 

As a performance artist, I lead 60-minute edutainment filled seminars, I call showbinars about race, gender, and equity. From Every White Woman in The History Of The Universe, to How To Scam Capitalism: A Layman's Guide, my shows are crowdpleasers that explore all the things we were never taught about identity, bias, and the difficulties of showing up and trying to be great humans- not just good people. 

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Here's what folks are saying about me. 

"McKensie’s writing and thought leadership have challenged the things I thought I knew about race, class, and identity. They have taught me so much. None of it has been gentle and all of it has been worth it. I have no doubt that what they share with you will help with your current project, but more importantly, it will make you look at every future project with eyes wide open." Jules Taggart, Founder, Wayward Kind

Anti-Oppression is about healing.

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Why not?

The first step is knowing social injustice exists, and if you've made it this far on my website it's highly likely you've already taken that first step. After that, the next step is not diversity, because before we get diverse we have to understand how we've gotten to the point of exclusion.  Anti-oppression is what happens after that first step. It’s the work that we do to tear down the ways we've been taught to think about ourselves, our community, and the personal spaces and lives of other people. Through personal work and collective care, anti-oppression challenges our definitions of what it means to be safe, what it means to be "professional" and how we use the reach of our personal influence and knowledge to get beyond just having the conversation.  Any system produces what it is designed to produce. What if we built systems that were designed to produce anti-racism or anti-sexism or anti-transphobia? What would those systems produce in us? What would they look like?


Ok, I'm ready but am I your ideal client?

Let's find out.

I partner with people and people who work at organizations who have already started their work. Have you and your team done diversity and inclusion work? Are you looking for that next step? Let's talk. I lead consulting seminars and workshops about gender, race, and intersectionality. Most recently I presented at one of the most prestigious museums in the world- The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA). 

Looking for bias protection for your copy? 

TOXIC COPY is a term I coined to define copy that is filled with implicit and explicit biases about minorities/marginalized people. Not sure if there's gendered or racialized bias in your copy?  Put me on the case. I'll find out.

Edutainment Filled Seminars

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Coaching Packages

Each of our calls will be about 60-minutes long and include support by email and direct messenger (if needed) during the course of the package.  

  • 1 year/unlimited calls: $5,000, includes 1 day coaching session in-person or via Skype (also available in payment installments).

    1. 25 hours $3750

    2. 15 hours $2625

    3. 10 hours $1950

    4. Hourly rate: $220


It all starts with wanting more from ourselves, our teams, and other people. Schedule some time on my calendar here so we can talk about what that more looks like for you.

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My name is Bunny McKensie Mack. I’m an anti-oppression consultant, coach, and facilitator and the creator and founder of Boundary Work™ and Radical Copy™. As the former Executive Director of Art + Feminism, one of the largest social justice projects on Wikipedia, I led a global team of organizers working to correct skewed and biased content about marginalized communities on the internet.  

I hold two linguistics degrees from the University of Chicago and I’m currently pursuing a double Masters  degree in Anthropology and Sociology from Witwatersrand University in Johannesburg.

For over 5 years, I’ve consulted with some of the largest for profit and non-profit organizations to develop cultures of accountability that dismantle racism and gender inequity at the individual, interpersonal, and institutional level. My work has been featured in NowThis News, Refinery29, The Guardian, Artsy, Afropunk, The New York Times, Pop Sugar, It Gets Better, Artsy, ArtNews, Wear Your Voice, Bubblegum Club, and  El País.  I look forward to having the opportunity to work with you!

Pronouns: they/them

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